Saturday, August 23, 2008

My hometown, uh grindhouse

As much as I hate using the overexposed word grindhouse (which was overused even before the movie came out), I don't know how else to describe the Booker T in my hometown of Rocky Mount N.C. I never went there (I'd be shocked if any white person did, considering the old-south segregated mentality that persisted even into the '80s) and it was always mysterious to me as a child, I remember the movies on the marquee always had the word "Black" or "Dragon" in them. It closed down in '82 or so. The Booker T didn't list showtimes in the paper and they always ran double features.

I found this photo on Flickr while feeling nostalgic for the old hometown.


George said...

They probably showed this there.

We need more Chuck Connors in our lives.

Chris said...

Since there is no post for Catherine & Co., I would like to say thank you for showing that film. That film was great and not in a cult schlock way but just great comedy cinema. I can imagine Janus at some point releasing it as a Criterion at some point or at least. I am going to buy the movie poster off of ebay. Man, that movie was awesome.

Chris said...

Holy shit, did you know this was the first film written by Catherine Breillat? Holy crap. I feel priviledged to see a print of this now. I just looked at it on IMDB. I also noticed that old VHS tape copies of it go for 65 dollars. Jesus Christ. Good show man.

Anonymous said...

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