Friday, May 30, 2008

Video Pick Shelf

My favorite thing about being sponsored by I Luv Video is that I have a pick shelf at both locations. I've never worked in a video store surprisingly, but I've often thought about it just so I could have a picks shelf. Now I have one and it's the greatest moment of my life. I carefully tend them and change them at least once a week.

Currently at I Luv On Guad I have:

LIFEFORCE: The insane Tobe Hooper sci-fi zombie movie. Unmissable. Turn it way up! Naked space vampire girl, London under siege by fast zombies. Patrick Stewart freaking the fuck out. Rent this.

MORE (pictured above): Start getting Mimsy Farmer fever before RIOT ON SUNSET STRIP in two weeks. Her acting in this is outstanding. The guy who plays opposite her is pretty much insufferable though.

FADE TO BLACK: Way better than you'd ever think from the box. This is where all that cinephilia leads.

THE NUDE VAMPIRE: I know, the title is rough , but this is Jean Rollin's best. Surrealist pulp dreams with antlers and weird dancing.

At the Airport store I have:

BLUE RITA: Meticulously designed Jess Franco movie. Like Franco's DANGER DIABOLIK.

MURDER A LA MOD: Brian De Palma's first feature. I thought it would be passingly interesting, with possibly a few, hard to glimpse facets of De Palma's style. Nope. It's a full on De Palma-with-a-hard-on movie with split-screen, tricky narrative strategies etc.

NABONGA: I love these cheap Jungle Girl movies. This has singer Julie London (who's really easy to look at) as a girl stranded in the jungle who's worshipped by the natives, etc. etc. I love this shit.

SOME CALL IT LOVING: Not perfect but a really odd little number about a guy (Zalman King!) who buys a Sleeping Beauty (Tisa Farrow!) from a carnival, Kinda hippified but then Richard Pryor shows up for a few minutes. The music is a little bit much but it's very interesting.

Here's the MORE trailer:

Here's the great FADE TO BLACK trailer:


Ant Timpson said...

You have a pick shelf?
I want a pick shelf.

Life is so unfair.

Aaron Abolt said...

I'll definitely be checking these out. Especially Lifeforce, which I've wanted to see something fierce but had heard mixed things about until now.

Your picks shelf has already done me so right, since without it I don't know if I'd have ever gotten around to renting Lady Terminator. Needless to say, that was a revelatory experience.

I think this blog is a great idea and I'm hoping your recommendations will help me get through a summer in exile from Austin.

Lars Nilsen said...

Anybody who says a bad word about LIFEFORCE should be considered deeply suspect. It's not perfect but it goes to some amazing places.

Zeddex said...

I just witnessed a pristine 70MM print of LIFEFORCE......the tonal shift from modern space exploration actioner to hardcore British Terrence Fisher-esque Hammer film really threw alot of people, but thats part of its charm (well, 5% - with the 95% being naked Mathilda May ). Yet, its a somewhat weird concept for a gigantic budgeted film that was poised as a massive summer blockbuster........Hooper laid it out for us that it was always meant to be his ode to the Quatermass series. A-fucking-men to that!

Lars Nilsen said...

The problem with the 70mm prints is that they replace the Henry Mancini score! That score is amazing, how could they replace it?