Saturday, May 31, 2008

Music from HIGH CRIME

Here's one of my favorite songs from this week's WW: HIGH CRIME.

It's by the De Angelis Brothers who have done some of my favorite Italian soundtrack work. I guess everybody knows Morricone - and everybody ought to know Piero Umiliani - but the De Angelis boys are solid second or third tier film composers. They always have an interesting sonic pallet, and often some pretty strange, straight ahead drumming reminiscent of Denardo Coleman.


Josh said...

I cannot wait for Wednesday night to get here. The Alamo screen has not seen enough poliziottesco films in recent months. Italo crime is better than Christmas.

Grandmaster said...

High Crime rules the earth. Make sure you CRANK the sound for that opening car chase. The weird audio mix during that scene rocks, with the music fading in and out.