Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tarantino and Castellari on HIGH CRIME

This week's Weird Wednesday HIGH CRIME print is a pretty rare and sought after commodity. Last month it was used for Quentin Tarantino's Enzo Castellari tribute screening at the Silent Movie Theater in LA. Here's QT and EC talking about HIGH CRIME and how Castellari was to Franco Nero what Don Siegel had been to Eastwood. For those who don't know, Tarantino's work in progress, INGLORIOUS BASTARDS is a loose remake of Castellari's film of the same title, which I'll always think of as GI BRO, since that's what the Xenon VHS is called.

Castellari is undeniably a great master - even into the 1980's. Pick up any movie with his name on it and you'll be happy.

Check WW regular Blake's interview with Castellari here.

It must be noted for everyone whose really pumped up about this, that it will be in the smaller theater. I'm disappointed but SEX AND THE CITY is so damn long that we couldn't even get in to the big house until almost 1am. So blame SEX AND THE CITY.


Blake said...

I have absolute goose bumps thinking about this event. This really is the movie event of the year for me with everything else the icing on the cake.

Huge thanks for putting this event on and showing this film.

Nice to see him reunite with Tarantino after missing him in Sitges.

Zachary said...

I wish I could make it tonight, but I'm in Ft. Worth for a month of physical therapy, but...

have you seen this:

It's a super clean transfer of Eden and After taken from Gravida.

Zachary said...

Also, Cinematheque Ontario is screening 4 Robbe-Grillet movies this summer: L'Immortelle, Trans-Europ-Express, The Man Who Lies, and Eden and After.

Lars Nilsen said...

Z- I wish people in other countries would stop showing movies I want to see. Like those bastards at the Cinematheque in Paris who are showing like 50 Jess Franco titles this summer.

Il Boss said...

Hey Lars, speaking of Poliziotteschi, in case you have not already seen this, check out


...it's a mix of Henry Silva film clips with music from Motorhead. How can you go wrong with that?

By the way, any chance you might ever consider posting any video or audio clips of your weekly intros (asking from the perspective of a WW geek who doesn't live in Austin and can't partake of the goodness in person)?

aphanisis said...

Anybody who likes this stuff should check out Film Forno, which is written by a guy that does editing for QT. All of his Poliziotto material can be directly accessed here.

Adolfo said...


I was mesmerized during the intro to "Il Boss" during the dusk-to-dawn "Grindhouse" fest that went down. What a fun film. This one's yet to be on DVD, huh?

Lars Nilsen said...

Adolpho - you can get it on DVD. Try Luminous film and video.