Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Breaking News: THE FEMALE BUNCH and ROLLING THUNDER to change places

Due to a circumstance beyond our control, we will have to invert the two showings of THE FEMALE BUNCH and ROLLING THUNDER. Back in the old days this shit happened all the time but we've been pretty tight since 2004 or so, so think of this as an old-school Weird Wednesday inconvenience.

So this week we bring you:

Rated R; 84min; Director:Al Adamson (1969)

The late, lamented Al Adamson has provided some of the all-time greatest Weird Wednesday moments. CARNIVAL MAGIC, DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN, FREEZE BOMB - all were directed by the enigmatic Adamson. This is one of his girl-power westerns. Here, a team of beautiful women hide out in Death Valley, smuggle drugs and take their revenge on the male gender. This kind of stuff probably happens all the time, at least that’s what I’d like to believe. Like all of Adamson’s films, it has a pervasive grime that seems to coat the lens, the sets, the performers and even the story itself. Viewers are advised not to expect plausibility in any form. Just lean back and enjoy the kind of pleasant dream logic shared by the best exploitation films. It’s not meant to be evaluated and measured by the waking mind - it’s beyond that. Filmed on the Spahn Ranch at the same time the Manson Family was running wild. Features Lon Chaney Jr, Russ Tamblyn and Jennifer Bishop. (Lars)


seven seas said...

Hey Lars. Just out of curiosity, are any of these Al Adamson movies available on DVD or VHS? They sound pretty great.

Lars Nilsen said...


Troma has put a few out. Some are out on BCI. Something Weird has done even more. A search for Al Adamson on Amazon should produce a bundle.

Ant said...

or just call up Sam Sherman and buy 16mm prints of them like I did ; ) Mint, stunning colour... oh baby.