Sunday, July 27, 2008

Monte Hellman says thanks to all

Warren Oates. Hey maybe there'll be another one someday.

Monte Hellman loved his time in Austin and asked me repeatedly, "where did you find that audience?" He said it was the best audience his films had ever played for and I'm inclined to think it's not flattery. You laughed at all the right parts, cheered at the right parts and asked the best questions. I don't have time to give the event the coverage it deserves but suffice to say THE SHOOTING which might seem a little turgid on the small screen was as compelling as intended on the big screen and TWO LANE BLACKTOP is a great American classic. Even SNDN 3: BETTER WATCH OUT! was better than remembered. I asked Monte what he thought of the audience reaction to his horror sequel and he smiled broadly and said "Great! Just great!"

Thanks again to Charles Lieurance and the fine folks at I Luv Video.

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