Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What should you do today? I'll tell you.

You should buy tickets for the huge MONTE HELLMAN Triple Feature at the Ritz next Wednesday.

For those of you in the readership who are planning on attending any or all of the three Monte Hellman films next week (with Monte Hellman in attendance!) please don't delay in buying your tickets. If we can get the ticket pre-sold total over 85 we can schedule it in the large theater, instead of worrying about theater placement on the day of the show and potentially leaving a lot of people out in the cold.

Normally it wouldn't be a concern but DARK KNIGHT is both a) very long and b) very popular so we have to determine which theater it will go in and stay there all day, which we decide by pre-sales.

So, pre-buy those tickets now. The individual screenings of THE SHOOTING and TWO LANE BLACKTOP are $10 seperately or you can buy an omnibus ticket for both films for $16 (buy that ticket on the bottom of the SHOOTING page) - which also allows you to keep your seat for the Weird Wednesday presentation of Monte's BETTER WATCH OUT.

If Altman or Peckinpah were alive and showing a triple feature would you go? That's the kind of company you're riding with when you're riding with Monte. Buy those tix today.

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