Thursday, June 19, 2008

99 WOMEN Wrapup

Thanks to Blake over at Twitchfilm for posting my intro from last night. It is characteristically rambly and I think less funny than usual. Seeing myself onscreen is not exactly a tonic for my ego, particularly as the 16:9 frame is horizontally compressed so I appear even taller and thinner than I actually am. But I'm glad that someone is apparently interested in my ramblings.

One thing I didn't mention was just what an insatiable scenery chewer Mercedes McCambridge is here. I think it totally works but I understand the laughter. Several people noted with surprise how technically assured Franco's direction is. Those people are possibly more acquainted with his zoom lens years, in which most of Franco's movements were accomplished by panning and zooming around a set full of people. Those films are technically amazing too in my opinion - and the zoom technique is worthy of a critical reassessment, but what do I know? I have no objectivity here. I'm sold on Franco. I would get a tattoo if... maybe I'll get a tattoo.

There are some less polished actors in the cast but it all comes together. I think this is a really solid movie. Care to weigh in?

Join us tonight where I'll be guest hosting the Terror Thursday presentation of EATEN ALIVE, which I love.


Il Boss said...

A big thanks to Blake for posting your intros for both 99 Women and High Crime. Blake - please don't be shy about doing that more in the future! Always enjoy any chance (however rare) to see Lars' intros.

With respect to the very end of the High Crime video, I was bummed that it cut off before the Eurocrime! promo as that sounds interesting. How was it?

Lars, have you determined what might be the options for next week's choose your own?

Viva Chiba

Lars Nilsen said...

Yes I have decided which films I will bring for CHOOSE YOUR OWN night.

You'll have to be there to see what's in the mix though. Sorry. Rules and shit.

Micah said...

I'll second the request for more filmed lars intros. Thanks for posting, Blake.

Lars: is the old Wednesday Night Special reel still being used? Last time I was there for WW (Carnival Magic) it seemed on its last legs.

Lars Nilsen said...

We had the old Wednesday dater patched up and duped at a film lab so what you see on screen now is Wednesday Night Special Junior.