Thursday, June 26, 2008

A dream I had last night

Raymond St. Jacques, Tough Guy

I dreamed that I stood in front of an audience and gave them three choices:

INVASION USA, featuring Amerikkka's favorite scrabble-bearded tough guy and a whole lot of explosions.

COTTON COMES TO HARLEM, the Chester Himes adaptation by Ossie Davis with Raymond St. Jacques and Godfrey Cambridge as Coffin Ed Johnson and Gravedigger Jones.

and KINKY COACHES AND THE POM POM PUSSYCATS starring Robert Forster and John Vernon as dueling football coaches with odd sexual proclivities.

In this dream the audience didn't give INVASION USA much love at all so it went to a runoff between COTTON and POM POM PUSSYCATS.

COTTON won, and then the audience won. I'm busy right now but I will write more about COTTON soon.

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micah said...

we'll keep it black 'til you get back