Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tonight: 99 WOMEN - Don't miss!

If you don't like seeing women kept in a savage jungle hell and forced to fight for their lives against the forces of depersonalization and objectivization, then maybe you should stay home, make some Jello and kick it with some Jim Croce records.

Everybody else, find a clean shirt, put your boots on and come on down to the Ritz.

Rated R; 86min; Director:Jess Franco (1969)

This was the first of the modern WIP (women-in-prison) movies and was a huge hit, especially on 42nd Street, where it probably recouped its entire production cost in a single grungy scumatorium. Controversial director Jess Franco (THE DEMONS, VAMPYROS LESBOS) created the prototype for the entire caged women genre here with such stock characters as the crippled, perverted warden (Herbert Lom), the sadistic head guard (Mercedes McCambridge), the new fish (Maria Rohm), the tough girl (the great Rosalba Neri who has an awesome flashback scene), and the liberal prison reformer (Maria Schell). Jess Franco movies tend to polarize audiences. Whatever you may think about the films, there’s no doubt he’s an original talent - and a productive one., sometimes making 12 or more movies in a year! For the 15 or so years following the release of this landmark film WIP movies were the exploitation equivalent of the western: cheap, easy to make, and guaranteed money-makers. Come see the one that got the whole ball rolling. (Lars)

Here's the trailer:

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