Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tonight: Choose Your Own Weird Wednesday!

All the films are in the booth.

When you find out the three films you'll have to choose from you'll shit an eagle!

Here are three hints:

Movie one stars a Baby Armadillo.

Movie two is almost certainly "black enough for you."

Movie three stars Robert Forster.

YOU MUST CHOOSE! Since its inception, the Weird Wednesday Choose Your Own Adventure Night has been a virtual guarantor of cinematic strangeness far beyond even our own Wildest Dreams. Here’s how it works: we pull three movies from the vaults, I’ll fill you in a bit on the details, then you, the audience, will choose the movie by applauding. As always, we have some awesome movies set aside for just such an occasion. Choose Your Own Weird Wednesday is one of the great, though irregularly scheduled, traditions of this series. Some of the best, wrongest and just plain awkward moments in my life (Anybody remember COUNTRY HOOKER?) have been at Choose Your Own Adventure nights. This year make your voice heard! And don’t email me looking for hints about which movies will be in the mix ‘cause I won’t tell you.

Join us tonight at midnight. Ritz! 302 E. 6th.

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