Monday, June 30, 2008

Jamaa Fanaka this week! EMMA MAE! PENITENTIARY 3!

Are you seriously going to miss this?!

We are as excited as we know how to be this week. Director-producer-writer Jamaa Fanaka will be here presenting PENITENTIARY 3 and EMMA MAE.

There has never been a better double feature in movie-going history. I'm not exaggerating. PENITENTIARY 3 is berserk, gonzo, out-of-control. Have you ever seen a flying midget rapist? Ever wanted to? Get on it! Tickets are on sale NOW - HERE. And the good thing about buying tickets is, you don't have to wait in line and hustle for a seat to EMMA MAE at midnight, because you're already there and we have the seat saved for you. And seriously, how many great movies do you see all year long for free? You should plop down that $8.50 with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

Both of these films are mind-blasters, full of shredding dialogue and outrageous situations. Jamaa Fanaka strikes back at black stereotypes and delivers more street than even Google maps knows how to deal with.

Miss this and you are a sad excuse for a hominid!!!!

For all the filmmakers or aspiring filmmakers out there - Jamaa will be conducting a directors workshop on Thursday with fellow pro Maxie Collier. It's the best possible use of those extra twenties you still have in your pocket from George Bush's fraudulent incentive check program. Jamaa Fanaka learned his trade both at UCLA film school and later under the lowest budget conditions possible, so he can enrich your game with his lifetime of filmmaking knowledge. Seriously, once in a lifetime opportunity here.

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