Thursday, June 5, 2008


The HIGH CRIME screening was a lot of fun. I forgot how much plot is packed into that movie. You've got cops vs. gangsters vs. other gangsters vs. industrialists vs. communists. It's pretty complex. I hope nobody gave up on the plot. Without Franco Nero holding it all together with a superpowered performance I think it would all crumble into a lot of plot fragments that ultimately nobody could follow interspersed with some dynamic action.

I should note that while the print was pretty gorgeous, considering its age, there were a couple of cuts made for the British certificate. (Spoiler alert)

In the US version, when Rico gets killed with the grappling hook, the scene is a lot more graphic, you see the impact of hook on chest. Also, when Nero's girlfriend is attacked, there's a lot more of the scene.

Castellari's direction of action is fantastic, as is the music. Nero is awesome. I also like James Whitmore as the chief commissioner when he uses Italian-style body english.

Next week's movie, RIOT ON SUNSET STRIP is a peach. Do not miss it. I will be obsessing about Mimsy Farmer on this page soon, and also posting the July August WW schedule.

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