Thursday, June 12, 2008

RIOT afterglow

Yes it was an afterglow I was feeling as I left the theater last night. Seeing RIOT ON SUNSET STRIP with a big crowd gave me such a great feeling I still feel euphoric this morning. True, the last 20 minutes are anticlimactic especially with all that heavy melodrama. After you've heard two Chocolate Watchband songs performed at high intensity and seen Mimsy Farmer do an amazing slo-mo freakout dance just about anything is bound to leave you wanting. That shit is the mountaintop.

Figure 1: That shit.

So I hope you were able to join us. If you weren't, then seek this out on DVD. I know The Video Beat carries it and I have asked I Luv Video to pick it up. If you want to relive some magic moments from the film, youtube has the songs and the Mimsy Farmer freakout. One guy's comment on the Mimsy dance is just: " DUDE!!!!", which sums it up nicely.

Attendees, did you enjoy the film? Any newly minted Chocolate Watchband or Mimsy Farmer fans?


Il Boss said...

Lars, has it for download also. Not being in Austin, I just watched it last night along with you. MovieFlix may also be worth checking out for other rarities as I just went through their catalog and found a ton of other movies that I had on "the list" to try to track down (that don't appear to be readily/cheaply available elsewhere), as well as some that I had never heard of but look interesting.

What up with the secret showing on July 23rd?

Lars Nilsen said...

It will be in the print calendar. Just a detail or two was still in play. One of the most eminent American filmmakers (like, for real) will be here showing three of his movies, the last one will be a Weird Wednesday.

Headquarters 10 said...

Best freak out ever, Lars.

il boss said...

Speaking of the new calendar, do you happen to know when y'all will be posting it online?

(have some traveling to the Alamo to schedule....)

Lars Nilsen said...

Tim has some final tweaks now that he's back. Should be up tomorrow afternoon.