Thursday, June 12, 2008

New I Luv Video Pick Shelf for June 12

I changed out my video picks today at both I Luv Video locations. I love having pick shelves. It's like a whole movie series on its own. Thanks to everybody who rents from the shelves.

Here's what we got at the Guad store:

Seijun Suzuki's completely one-of-a-kind Nikkatsu crime film (that in fact got him fired from the venerable studio) is poetic and visually gorgeous. And it's so, so weird.

Most of the same cast of RIOT ON SUNSET STRIP. This time Mimsy is the bad girl and Laurie Mock is the good girl. A family drives across the desert to take over an isolated motel only to be beseiged by kicks-mad teens. Dated and a lot of fun.

William Sanderson of BLADE RUNNER and Larry, Darryl and Darryl fame plays the worst kind of racist scumbag who commits a home invasion against a black family. But they fight back, and you'll cheer loudly for them. You may see this one at the Alamo sometime soon, so don't ruin your appetite.

Russ Meyer's angry, nihilistic black comedy. A lot of people don't like this because it's not happy go lucky but I think it's great. Meyer is one of the major artists of twentieth century world cinema, period. And I'll put on a suit and say that if you want me to. Deal with it.

Over at the Airport Blvd. location:

Speaking of major film artists, how about Billy Friedkin. You know how good THE EXORCIST is. Here's his second best movie - yes I know THE FRENCH CONNECTION is good. This movie deserves a tighter rep than it has. A remake of WAGES OF FEAR, this is Friedkin's pure genius at work. And turn it up, Tangerine Dream's soundtrack gives it so much.

Abel Ferrara's totally indulgent New York post punk slasher movie is nothing like you'd expect. In fact it's basically a nature documentary about Ferrara himself, slumping around various roach infested apartments talking constantly. It's pretty entertaining. But not as entertaining as his commentary track, which is all "this dudes about to get it.... Aaaahh!!! Hahaha!" and "I'm pretty sure I fucked her."

Pretty impressive Jess Franco film about a pair of strippers who go undercover to expose a white slave ring. At this point Franco was making like 15 features a year so he was pretty good at turning them out. This one has a labyrinthine plot that's pulp at it's chewiest.

Arthur Penn directs Thomas McGuane's script with Jack Nicholson and Marlon Brando. Somebody else watch this and tell me what the fuck is up with Marlon Brando in this. It's genius, whatever it is, but whoo.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you about DRILLER KILLERS dvd commentary- was he drunk or is he really like that?

Matt K