Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Zack has created a Terror Thursday blog - good news for humanity!

I salute my colleague Zack who now has a Terror Thursday blog. As many of you know, Zack is a very funny writer and introductioneer and I'm looking forward to reading his blog seven times a day.

We created Terror Thursdays before Zack moved to Austin, since it seemed like Thursday nights had become an honorary weekend night and we wanted to put an entertainment option out there for the largely college crowd that hits the streets on Thursday. And quite honestly, the series never got the attention it deserved from us, since we had our own fish to fry elsewhere.

But when Zack came to town, he wrestled it to the ground and made a baby with it. It is now my second favorite film series. It's really hard for me to attend two midnights in a row but Zack's programming is so strong that I often find myself in a coma of exhaustion on Friday morning, looking curiously at the rogueish trucker stimulants at Sunrise Mini-mart, for the last dash of energy I need to get me through the week.

So read the blog, live the life, fight the fight. All that shit. Hail Zack!

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